About Me

Bio - Colour Pencil Artist

I call the breathtaking East Coast of Tasmania my home, where the South Pacific Ocean's vast expanse meets lush native bushland. In this captivating environment, I draw my inspiration from the natural wonders that envelop me, the profound beauty of the world, my deep affection for animals, and the nostalgic memories brought to life through pop art and still life drawings.

As a colored pencil artist, my ultimate goal is to kindle a spark of inspiration in those who encounter my work. I aim to encourage viewers to contemplate the 'why' behind their attraction to art, stirring cherished memories and evoking profound emotions."

I would be delighted to collaborate with you to transform your cherished memories or beloved pets into vibrant works of art. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, or you can visit my commissions page for additional details on how to bring your vision to life.