a photo of artist Jane Seychell in front of her colour pencil drawing of a pink peony rose


I'm Jane, I LOVE to draw using high quality colour pencils.

Its my happy place and it is where I can bring forgotten memories to life or capture the personality of your favourite fur baby. You will also notice my love for nature throughout my art because where would we be without the birds, the bees and the flowers and trees...

More about Me
A colour pencil drawing of brightly coloured green blackberry leaves on a black background by artist Jane Seychell

Original Art Work

This is it, this is what I love! Creating extraordinary out of the ordinary. Take a look at the blackberry leaf, it is generally known as a pest but its resilience is incredible and the way the sunlight plays opon the leaves is magical.

'Blackberry Leaves' was drawn entirely with colour pencil, the black background consists of multiple layers and the use of many black pencils.

Pop over and explore more of my Original Artwork.

Original Art

Art Prints

Art Prints are the perfect option to add art into your home. I have a series of Pop Art, Floral Art or Wildlife Art prints to choose from. I am happy to have a custom size printed for you, pop me a quick email and we can have a chat.

Pop Art Prints

Custom Commission

Art is very personal, I believe you connect to it through emotions, colour, nostalgia or subject matter. Overall the Artwork needs to bring you joy or prehaps a sense of calm when you see it hanging in your home.

I would love to work with you to create a custom piece which will forever bring you happiness, start conversations when guests visit you in your home or simply be a reminder of a forgotten memory.

Lets start a conversation about how I can help you commission your own work of ART.

If you would like to know more about my commission process head over to my commissions page. You can view my gallery of past Pet Portraits here.